Our Structure

American Tonalist Society recognizes artists working in the tonalist tradition and honors the individual artist’s professional standing in the arts community. Applications for joining ATS as a Signature or Guest Artist in ATS exhibitions are by invitation only.
As a newly formed society, our aim is to recognize, promote and showcase the current tonalist movement, and to continue the tradition of the American Tonalists of the 1800’s through our website, workshops, exhibitions and catalogues. We are keeping the organization small so that what we do is done professionally, and well.

Ways to be a part of the American Tonalist Society

Becoming a Patron  – Annual Support $250  support us here
Becoming a Follower  – Journal Subscribers $15  subscribe here

Signature Artists

Signature Artists are invitee’s to our Biennial Show at the Salmagundi Club. The Signature Artist status is for one year.

We will be presenting a biennial show in 2021, and a biannual competition.

BEST IN TONALISM 2020   Apply Here:  ATS Online Juried Showcase.  Entries are closed.

It is our intention, through the competition, to become aware of tonalist painters working today, and to give them the opportunity to showcase their work through our website, and in the 2021 upcoming show.

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