Curt Hanson

(1949 – 2017)

The Quiet Landscape

The landscape in painting has been dealt with in many different ways. Realism, impressionism, expressionism and tonalism are labels that are often used. Landscape painters generally fall into one off these camps . That does not mean that their work does not have qualities associated with the others.
The work included in this small exhibition is by a handful of painters whom have met and share a common intent . Plien air painting is a tool that we all use to one degree or another which is often associated with impressionism . Both impressionism and realism are elements in all of our work though tonalism best describes the common thread . These are not hit you in the face paintings with a lot of flash and vibrato . In fact I would say they are understated in many ways. Mood takes the front seat and feeling is the driving agent . We are observers of the softer side of nature .We are not creating something new so much as responding to something that has been there all along. It is something that anyone can observe and feel for themselves. These are not egocentric paintings but they are a reflective of a quiet landscape. – Curt Hanson

Snowed in Straw
7 x 10 in.


First Light
14 x 36 in.

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